The first tractor Deere sold


As we all know the first tractor to bear the John Deere name was the model "D". First Waterloo built tractor anyway, as some would point out that a few years earlier the All-Wheel-Drive or "Dain" as it was known by many was built in a quantity of 100 and some seem to have been retailed before Deere proveriably swept the whole thing under the rug. 

When Deere and Company bought the Waterloo Gasoline Engine company in 1918 they began selling the Waterloo Boy tractors.

However before any of that, in 1910 when the Gas Traction Company of Minnesota needed a plow for their 19,000 pound "Big Four" tractor to pull at the Winnipeg Plowing meet, they chose a John Deere seven bottom. Shortly thereafter several of Deere's branch houses began selling the giant tractor and advertising of the day sometimes refered to it as "our Big Four tractor". 

In 1912 Deere attempted to buy the Gas Traction Company of Minnesota but a deal could not be struck. Had it been, the term "Johnny Popper" might never have been heard nor their famous sound. 

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